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February 04, 2021

Advanced Information Processing Department Graduation Production / Promotion Production Exhibition “J’z2021” Online!

The Department of Advanced Information Processing will hold a graduation production / promotion production exhibition as follows.

Japan Electronics College Advanced Information Processing Department
Graduated production and advanced production exhibition “J’z2021”

・February 26, 2021[金] 13:00am~4:30pm
・February 27, 2021[土] 13:00am~4:00pm

* The official website will be released around mid-February.

○3 years old
Graduation promotion production exhibition hospitality design
Health management system “healthy”
Canned coffee diagnostic system “Pocket Barista”
Review / recommendation system “Alcohol Time”
Open campus participant management system “QROC”
Task management system “exSchedule”
Meal management system “SiDi”
VR platform management system “VR GX ROOM”
Memories recording app “Accumulate”
Shrine Tour AR “Goshuin App”
Open campus support app “INOC”
Corona Countermeasures Safe Classroom System “Overcoming Corona”
Try to support AR “FIT”
Coffee drip support system “CAFE LIFE”

○2 years old
Delivery management system All 20 groups
* 2nd grade students will be announced by 10 groups each on the 26th and 27th.

Japan Electronics College Advanced Information Processing Department
TEL: 03-3369-9333 (direct connection to the staff room)

This year will be the first online event of this department.
During the live distribution time, distribution rooms will be prepared for each team.
You can get direct explanations from students by joining the room you are interested in.
Please take a look.

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