Tomi is fascinated by Alice’s cosplay showing cleavage. Fans “look like they can do their best for a day” – Sirabee

Tomi performed a cosplay with the theme of “Alice in Wonderland”. Pay attention to the glimpse of the valley and the rough gestures.


Tomi, a member of the idol group “# 2i2”, posted a photo of Alice’s cosplay on Twitter on the 24th. Fans cheered on the shots that were so cute.

[Image]Alice Cosplay with the cuteness of Tomi

■ I’m thrilled with a cute expression

On this day, Tomi posted a photo of Alice’s cosplay with a sexy taste. Cleavage is glimpsed because she wears a gouged outfit.

Also, pay attention to her cute upper eyes and cute gestures such as sitting on a girl.

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■ “Nice angle”

Fans who saw Airi Cosplay said, “Nice angle,” “I felt like I could do my best for the day,” “Too cute …”, “I woke up,” “Healing!”, “Sexy and cute.” Great acclaim.

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