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Gravure idol Tomomi Morisaki updated Twitter on the 6th (Tuesday). The off-shot of the May oversized issue of “Monthly Shonen Champion” (Akita Shoten) released on the same day has been released.

[Photo]Tomomi Morisaki’s round lower breasts spilling sexy off-shot

The number of followers on Instagram has exceeded 4 million, and the idols who are also talked about as being praised by Matsuko Deluxe as “wonderful” at “Matsuko Conference” (NTV)Tomomi Morisaki

Morisaki said on the 6th (Tuesday), “I was in charge of the front and back covers of the monthly Shonen Champion released today. What a collaboration with the popular manga” Senior is a detective pie “. There are a lot of contents of 2 types & chekipre! Please get it! “Updated Twitter. An off-shot of spilling lower milk has been released.

In the post, there are voices such as “too great”, “too stimulating”, “as sexy as ever”, and “ability to be inducted into the Hall of Fame”.

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