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Which anime girl with pink hair is probably the most popular? Who is so cool, funny and cute that you can only like them? Of course we don’t want to withhold this ranking from you!

The current ranking

On the website AniList allows users to enter which anime they have seen and add anime and characters to their favorites list. Using the numbers, we have created a top list showing which anime girl with pink or pink hair is the most popular.

Among them are Belia Deviluke from the ecchi anime To Love Ru Darkness, little Anya Forger from Spy x Family, Mitsuri Kanroji from the popular Shonen series Demon Slayer, and Sakura Haruno from Naruto, who are equally seems to be popular as unpopular.

What do you think of the placements? Do you agree with the current status of the ranking? Which anime girl with pink hair do you consider to be indispensable? Let us know!

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25. Mafuyu Kirisu aus »We Never Learn« (1,403 favourites)

24. Utena Tenjou aus »Revolutionary Girl Utena« (1,452 favourites)

23. Lucy from “Elfenlied” (1,467 favourites)

22. Momo Belia Deviluke aus »To Love Ru Darkness« (1,586 favourites)

21. Shuna from My Reincarnation as a Slime (1,600 favorites)

20. Princess Hibana aus »Fire Force« (1,689 favourites)

19. Jeanne aus »The Case Study of Vanitas« (1,760 favourites)

18. Inori Yuzuriha aus »Guilty Crown« (1,826 favourites)

17. Sakura Haruno aus »Naruto« (1,960 favourites)

16. Stella Vermillion aus »Chivalry of a Failed Knight« (1,997 favourites)

15. Nadeshiko Kagamihara from »Laid-Back Camp« (2,284 favourites)

14. Narumi Momose from WOTAKOI: No Cheats for Love (2,362 favourites)

13. Jibril aus »No Game, No Life« (2,410 favourites)

12. Mine from »Akame ga KILL!« (2,596 favourites)

11. Madoka Kaname aus »Puella Magi Madoka Magica« (2,647 favourites)

10. Milim Nava from My Rebirth as a Slime (2,729 favourites)

9. Ichika Nakano aus »The Quintessential Quintuplets« (2,773 favourites)

8. Ram aus »Re:ZERO« (2,881 favourites)

7. Shikimori aus “Shikimori” (2,884 favourites)

6. Mitsuri Kanroji aus »Demon Slayer« (3,468 Favorites)

5. Tsukasa Yuzaki aus »TONIKAWA« (3,878 Favorites)

4. Yuno Gasai aus »Mirai Nikki« (4,321 favourites)

3. Anya Forger aus »Spy x Family« (10,805 favourites)

2. Zero Two aus »DARLING in the FRANXX« (12,235 favourites)

1. Chika Fujiwara aus »Kaguya-sama« (18,498 favourites)

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