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THE 5 BEST SOUL COOKS – Cooking and food have a big place in the anime industry, both in the representation of stories itself and in the marketing of themed culinary products.

In the anime there are a large number of characters capable of cooking and complex scenes are not denigrated in which they are intent on preparing this or that delicacy.

Today we discover the five best cooks of anime.

5 – BROCK HARRISON (Pokémon)

brock pokemon best cooks of anime

Brock is a strong example of the different features and environments in which a good cook can work. When his father first dropped out of his gym and later his children, Brock took care of everything. And while he was a decent gym boss, his real test of skill was taking care of his younger siblings and cooking for them.

This experience at home helped him become a vital member of Ash’s group. Brock, in fact, prepares a great variety of delicious delicacies. In addition to being a good cook, whether he works in a kitchen or in wildlife, Brock is also a master at creating delicious food for Pokémon, showing an adaptability that few chefs can demonstrate.

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black butler sebastian best cooks of anime

What makes a good butler such? Excellent service, loyalty, the ability to throw table knives like kunai? Sebastian Michaelis has all these qualities. But they aren’t necessarily enough to get the post inside the Phantomhive home.

In addition to these characteristics, masterful cooking skills are certainly required. And those of Sebastian are no less. Whether he’s making a dessert, cooking mouthwatering curry, searing succulent meat, Sebastian gives the best he can offer. With Sebastian the saying that God creates the dishes and the devil puts the spices finds a new voice.

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5 – YUKUHIRA SOMA (Food Wars!)

soma food wars shokugeki no souma

To date, Food Wars is the reference anime when it comes to cooking in anime. Its protagonist Soma could not therefore be excluded from this list.

On top of that, Soma is truly a respectable cook. Although he is studying to join the ranks of the best chefs in the world, his skills are already at an excellent level. Great optimism and intense competitiveness are used together with a sharp personality and a genuine talent for the preparation of incredible dishes.

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2 – KOMATSU (Toriko)

komatsu toriko

The manga of Toriko can also be called so because of the skilled gourmet hunter protagonist. But in a world where everyone is looking for delicious flavors, there really is no one as talented or important as Komatsu.

Komatsu is an incredible cook with an amazing quick learning ability that allows him to copy and even improve the most prestigious recipes in a snap.
Feats like replicating Century Soup after just one taste and becoming one of the 100 best chefs in the world are the reason why Komatsu himself is coveted in this world, in this manga the exact equivalent of One Piece and the Dragon Balls.

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1 – VINSMOKE SANJI (One Piece)

vinsmoke sanji one piece

Sanji is perhaps one of the most famous chefs in anime. He is an incredible fighter who uses kicks to always have his hands clean and adequate for the sacred kitchen environment. Those hands of hers have baked some of the most delicious foods in the series. Having such a person in your pirate crew, sailing all year round for every sea, is certainly a coveted fortune.

The future King of the Pirates deserves nothing less.

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