Tower of Fantasy (Mobile, PC) also appears in the West

The open world MMO has been available in China since last December and will finally be available in Hungary this year.

At the 2020 Chinajoy event, we first saw the Tower of Fantasy , an open-world MMO that also hit mobile and PC in China late last year. The creation, driven by Unreal Engine 4, is most similar to the Genshin Impact, according to many, but here, in addition to the anime-style garnish, the focus will be on the sci-fi theme. Even before the release, there was talk that the final edition would be released in the West as well, but so far we haven’t received any details on the subject. The other day, however, we finally got a preview for the new release, it was uploaded Steamre the game profile as well as the pre-registration has started.

An earlier preview that was seen before the Chinese premiere last year

The Tower of Fantasy will arrive on PC, Android and iOS sometime this year, in the third quarter, with the developers not yet sharing a more specific date with us.

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