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Original title: Traffic stars’ continuous “explosive thunder” triggered endorsement crisis and listed companies are eagerly looking for alternatives

Our reporter Xiao Wei

“Recently, there are so many traffic stars. I’m almost eating it.” Netizen Xiao He brushed his mobile phone while complaining about a traffic star who had recently exposed negative rumors.

While the traffic star “exploded with thunder” due to private life issues, and many netizens were busy “spitting out” and “eating melons”, many listed companies were innocently involved and encountered a sudden brand promotion crisis, which was really “a bit annoying in my heart.” “Securities Daily” reporter combed the relevant information and found that many listed companies are currently struggling to find a safe alternative to the “star” program. Among them, some listed companies have begun to use the image of the founder to replace traffic stars; there are also listed companies that directly choose cartoon characters as the protagonists of their image advertisements.

In response to this phenomenon, industry insiders believe that with the rise of the domestic animation industry, well-known domestic cartoon characters continue to emerge, which are expected to replace traffic stars to a certain extent and become one of the options for brand promotion of listed companies.

Traffic star “explosive thunder”

Listed company learns from lessons learned

In recent days, an incident involving a traffic star’s private life has continued to ferment, causing many listed companies to be deeply disturbed. Those listed companies that are “associated” with them either declare to terminate their contracts, or claim that the contract has been fulfilled and will not be renewed. In just a few days, more than 20 listed companies have issued relevant statements due to the incident, distributed in many industries such as online games, e-commerce, men’s clothing, casual snacks, jewelry, clean skin care, luxury goods, and cultural media. . Prior to this, another traffic star was exposed as suspected of illegal surrogacy, abandoning of babies, and tax evasion, which also caused many listed companies to declare their contract termination at the first time. Although the traffic star once publicly apologized twice, no listed company dared to “play with it”.

A listed pharmaceutical company in Hunan is even more lingering about the “explosion” incident of traffic stars. According to the company’s secretary of the board of directors: “As soon as the front foot signed a contract with a celebrity, we heard that someone had an accident on the back foot. The broker also blocked us from the news. We learned from the online media that it involved tax evasion, freezing of stock rights, administrative penalties, and prohibition of entry. Events such as the market, the final severity of the situation far exceeded our expectations. The company is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, and the marketing budget is only enough to hire a traffic star. This incident immediately included the entire annual budget. The advertisement we prepared Materials, copywriting, planning, and product packaging were all in vain, and the loss of advertising materials alone was more than 5 million yuan. The chairman was very angry when he learned about it and vowed to recover the endorsement fee. Even if the money was returned, it also delayed the company’s marketing and sales. Brand promotion work. Later, we found an animation company and replaced traffic stars with cartoon characters. Anyway, we passed this test. With this lesson, we dare not find traffic stars anymore in the future. People can never be in the same Did the place fall twice?”

Professor Xiang Zhiqiang, deputy dean and doctoral supervisor of the School of Journalism and Communication of Hunan University, said: “Traffic stars are topical groups and high-exposure groups. While they master the top traffic, their words and deeds inevitably have an amplification effect. It’s just that improper behavior, improper wear, concealment of marriage history and other seemingly relatively minor negative events will also bring unpredictable negative consequences to your own image, endorsement brand, and partner companies, and cause damage to the deeply bound companies. , There is a double-edged sword effect of “everything is prosperous, and nothing is lost”. The so-called “becomes a traffic star, and a loser is a traffic star.” Judging from the development experience of the advertising media industry in developed countries, companies in the big consumption track Traffic stars are rarely invited to appear as endorsements. Most companies choose ordinary people to perform in their true colors, which can greatly save marketing and promotion costs and can also achieve good publicity effects. Currently, domestic listed companies have reflected on this and began to try to use founders and grassroots Employees, ordinary users, cartoon characters and other images carry out brand promotion and marketing to avoid potential risks of traffic celebrity endorsements. This form may evolve into one of the new trends in brand promotion in the future.”

Founder and cartoon character

Or become the mainstream of brand promotion

After the traffic stars have “exploded with thunder”, listed companies have learned from the pain, seriously reflect on the “double-edged sword” effect of “brand promotion through traffic stars”, and actively seek safe celebrity alternatives. The founders, ordinary users, and cartoon characters gradually Become an alternative or even the main option for some listed companies.

Recently, the “Fish Snack Food Brother” which focuses on “deep sea fish”Jinzai FoodLaunched the latest version of the company’s promotional video, in which the personal image of the founder Zhou Jinsong was used in all shots. In the promotional video, Jinzai Food’s Secretary-General Feng Wenji explained: “Zhou has been involved in food processing for more than 30 years. All processes including selection of materials, ingredients, production, molding, spreading, and so on, are all done in one go. There is no re-shooting. Mr. Zhou has always devoted himself to what he loves the most. This is a true interpretation of himself.” Feng Wenji also added: “We are launching a new corporate video this time, just to express to the market. A clear signal is what is worthy of our love and dedication to our lives, and the diligent and extreme craftsmanship is the essence and core of big consumer brands.”

“The climate at the foot of the Qinling Mountains is humid and there is plenty of sunshine. Two years ago, I wanted to bring peaches to the market and sell them online. Now they can be sold online. When the peaches are ripe, I don’t have to worry about selling them.” Pinduoduo’s slogan is punctual and punctual every day. The land appeared on the CCTV channel. The person who said this was an old farmer who grew kiwifruit in the Qinling Mountains. He was one of the more than 700 million users of the Pinduoduo e-commerce platform. In this regard, Professor Xiang Zhiqiang commented: “Pingduoduo’s public service advertisement selected a seemingly ordinary user, and it conveyed the public welfare attributes, commodity attributes and e-commerce attributes very well. The combination of the three is just right and it is worthy of other listings. The company learns from it. Ordinary users are the most authentic, down-to-earth, and unpretentious advertising spokespersons. This is a natural performance that does not require decoration.”

In addition to corporate founders and ordinary users, cartoon characters are also constantly “appearing”, gradually becoming a new force in the brand promotion of listed companies. The dogs of “Wow Team Great Contribution” are hereMikolandoIn the advertisement for cheese sticks, Le Di of “Super Flying Man” flies freely in the advertisement of Miaofei Food and Cheese Sticks, and the characters of Xiong Da and Xiong Er in “Bear Infestation” are gagging in the advertisement of Junlebao milk powder.Anker Innovation“One Piece” Luffy’s head was printed on the new charger, and Luo Tianyi, the “virtual singer”, appeared successivelyBank of ChinaLittle Lemon Debit Card andBank of CommunicationsThe cover of the theme credit card…More and more cartoon images have begun to become the protagonists of corporate product promotion.

  Jiawo FoodThe minority shareholders of Jiawo once suggested to the board of directors: “Can Jiawo Foods sign a cooperation agreement with the “Undersea Columns” produced by the British BBC to open up the domestic children’s food market?” The management of Jiawo Foods, a newcomer to the food track, is listening carefully to the minority shareholders After the opinions, the self-designed cartoon character “Glutton Bear” was launched, whose image is a cute white bear wearing a red cloak and riding a salmon riding the wind and waves.

  Zhongnan MediaThe staff said, “Compared with live traffic stars, cartoon characters will not have the problem of’explosive thunder’. In addition, cartoon images can be displayed around the clock, there is no schedule conflict, and the market endorsement ability is not inferior to traffic stars. Since cartoon images have this Many advantages, of course the market must give them a chance.”

According to analysis by the staff of Zhongnan Media, “The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Comics Company, and DC Comics Company in the United States have a large number of cartoon characters, and the derived brand authorization and brand endorsements have become an important source of income. Japan’s Hitotsubashi Publishing Group, Otowa Group, Kadokawa Group and Xinchaosha also have a large number of well-known cartoon characters, brand authorization, image endorsements, and peripheral products have formed sub-production industries. However, internationally renowned cartoon characters signed by domestic companies often have the situation of rising tides and price increases every year. As the core of the brand image Most of the cartoon characters are in the hands of foreign companies. Once the contract cannot be renewed, it will cause domestic companies to have brand publicity out of gear, which is a potential risk. In recent years, the domestic animation industry has gradually risen, which can impress the market and appeal to domestic cartoons. Characters continue to emerge, and it is expected that the company will receive greater attention in the domestic brand promotion in the future. Zhongnan Angel, a subsidiary of Zhongnan Media, has hundreds of cartoon characters, and has become a company by taking cartoon characters with market appeal in its own hands. Core competitiveness.”

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