TRAV @ WATERLOO By Astrocelt

[email protected] Astrocelt’s trav is on the hunt for his missing Time machine. His research takes him to the Waterloo Festival in Cleveland where he makes new friends, is accosted by paparazzi and finds an indication of where his Time car is … “Waterloo! At last! What is it? Steam punk! Madame Haberdasher, I congratulate you! A most impressive array of Victorian Noggin Toppers … do you take Imperial Credit? I’m a long long way from – home. I am Oh? My home, too – with you so there I was, trying to pick up the trail in my time machine and check out all the cool stuff when a group of image hunters cornered me in a go … What do you want from me? I’m just an ordinary cyborg trying to get his Time machine! Go scan someone weird like Zoltron – or Donald’s! They’re a lot more … Oh! Well, Oh! Well okay ! Hmmmmmmm ….. Yes, well, it was your nice meeting … I, uh Where did it go? I don’t find it … As soon as you get close to disappear … Maybe it was something I said … That’s cool! Did you do that? Hmmm … Just a moment, just a moment … I picked up a trace of positronic flux Something here was exposed to time travel, I had my sign and it almost time to go – But first I ask for more data on the phenomenon known throughout the Universe as ROCK! For it was here in the land of Cleve where Rock was released into the universal stream of consciousness! Here we have a temple where the rhythms of the rocks are practiced! Waterloo was great! I picked up a shelf of noggin punk steam toppers and an indication of where my time machine was. I’ll scan all Celtic crosses from here to the crooked river – You can count on that. You should come together. Subscribe! “Trav is also known as the journey, a character in Astrocelt’s production,” Rising of the Sun. “Astrocelt produces rock theater and live music, train backing, video, characters wearing“ smart ”costumes and dancing. Astrocelt is a transmedia company based in Cleveland, Ohio, see Contact Jobs: [email protected]

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