Trigun Stampede: online the new trailer of the anime series

A few hours ago the new one was released online trailer of the anime series Triangle Stampede. The publication was made by studio Orangewho was involved in the implementation of the project, and by Crunchyrollin the frame ofAnime NYC. The movie, however, is different from those seen so far, as it is entirely focused on the bad guys.

During the panel dedicated to Triangle Stampede, Kiyotake Wakithe producer of the series, declared that on this occasion they wanted to give greater prominence to the complexity of the antagonists and, in particular, they wanted to give a central role to Knives. Here, in fact, we see a part where Vash The Stampede is about to face his brother and, later, a presentation of his main opponents.

Further details on the voice actors are also leaked in the trailer. Kouki Uchiyama, Dragon e Ryusei Nakao they respectively join the cast as Legato Blusummers, Zazie The Beast e William Conrad.

During the event, in addition to this spectacular clip, one was also shown concept art from Knives with an angel’s wing.

Together with the illustration it was also specified that compared to the already made anime (which was produced when the manga series was still in progress), this will be a totally different version of the story.

The great return of Knives and Vash with Trigun Stampede

The announcement of the new Trigun Stampede series had already been made some time ago, which was then made official with the publication of the first trailer.

Now with this new announcement, we can say that the information regarding the upcoming project is almost complete. In fact, the new anime series will be released in January 2023 and will be distributed by the platform Crunchyroll.

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The anime takes up the events narrated in the manga Triangle from Yasuhiro Nightowpublished between 1996 and the 1999. The main character is Vash The Stampedea boy who is declared a Humanoid Typhoon because wherever he goes, calamities of all sorts always happen.

The story is set on Gunsmokean Earth-like planet and colonized by Terrans with the project Seeds. Here Vash will have to face wanted men, bounty hunters and his brother Knives.

Another anime was also taken from this series, but very different from the original work. According to these latest rumors, the new version will be completely different from that of the 1998.

We just have to wait for the release to see if Vash The Stampede it will keep us glued to the screen, as happened in the late 90s.


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