TV anime “Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress” Season 2 will start broadcasting on October 4th (Monday)! The preceding scene cut is also released! | Press release of Bushiroad Co., Ltd.

Season 2 starts!A fun night, beyond

Broadcast on TV TOKYO and others every Monday from 24:00!

Original: Bushiroad / Akira Ito
Executive Producer / Draft: Takaaki Kidani
Supervision: Senxian
Character design draft: CLAMP
Character design / animation director: Hiroyuki Saida
Animation production: Kinema Citrus / Gifuto Animation / STUDIO JEMI


Close-up Yuyu: Shota Aoi
Momoyama Danji: Yuki Ono
Toya Ebata: Yuma Uchida
Megumi Okura: Amane Shindo
Ishigame Zakusa: Masahiro Ito
Seto Tomari: Hikaru Tono
Masanori Iseki: Shuta Morishima
Medicine bag Miley: Yuki Nakashima
Haruka Soukawa: Yo Taichi
Shinobu Kajita: Mariko Higashiuchi

-Broadcast information-

TV TOKYO every Monday from 24:00
TV Aichi Every Monday from 24:00
TV Osaka Every Monday from 24:00
BS TV Tokyo every Monday from 24:30

-Distribution information-

Amazon Prime Video / U-NEXT / d Anime Store / FOD / AbemaTV / Nico Nico Douga / Video Market / / / Bandai Channel

■ TV anime “Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress” official website

  • Preceding scene cut released from TV animation “Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress”!

We will deliver the preceding scene cut from the 13th episode “Megumi no Ame” broadcast this week (Monday)!

Episode 13 “Megumi’s Rain”

Season 2 prologue.
Megumi chases Danji who leaves the team after getting off the leader.
Megumi challenges only two Vanguard fights to settle the feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

  • Card Fight !! What is Vanguard?

Bushiroad’s trading card game “Card Fight !! Vanguard”.
The TV anime series that is still being broadcast started in January 2011.
This title is developed in various media such as trading cards and anime, comics, movies, theatrical performances, events, and collaborations with other companies.
In just one year since its launch in March 2011, it has won the third place in the trading card market, and with the development of multimedia mix, the cumulative total of the series has exceeded 2 billion.
It has been sold in 61 countries and regions, including English, Thai and Italian versions, and continues to grow in number of players around the world.

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