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In the 2021 summer anime recording ranking for the third week of July, the “Kingdom 3rd Series”, which had been suspended for two weeks, took the lead. The 2nd place is “Tokyo Revengers” which has moved up one place from last week, and the 3rd place is “The second term when I was reincarnated as a slime”.

4th place “My Hero Academia (5th term)” is posting an interview with Daiki Yamashita as Deku and Ayane Sakura as Ochako. We are also offering autographed colored paper gifts, so please read it (https://anime.eiga.com/news/113923/).

5th place “Uramichi Onii-san” ranked up from 7th place last week. In addition, “NIGHT HEAD 2041” is ranked in 9th place for the first time.

At midnight on July 22, the broadcast of “Heion Sedai no Ida Tenda” will begin on Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” frame. In addition, the new short animation “Obey Me!” Has also started distribution from the 16th of last week. Please use the 2021 Summer Anime List (https://anime.eiga.com/program/) to check for new programs.

On July 23, Nippon Television’s “Friday Road Show” will broadcast the theatrical animation “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas,” which is a visualization of Yoru Sumino’s novel.

■ 2021 summer animation, recording number ranking (measured on July 21)
1, “Kingdom 3rd Series” Episode 14 (65P)
2, “Tokyo Revengers” episode 15 (62P)
3, “Matter that was slime when reincarnated Part 2 Part 2” Episode 39 (61P)
4, “My Hero Academia (5th term)” Episode 104 (57P)
5, “Life Lessons with Uramichi” Episode 3 (56P)
6, “Dragon Quest Die’s Adventure” Episode 40 (54 pages)
7, “To Your Eternity” Episode 14 (49P)
8, “The Irregular at Magic High School” Episode 3 (45P)
9、「NIGHT HEAD 2041」1話(44P)
10, “I have reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game … X” Episode 3 (40 pages)

Panasonic “DiMORA” (http://dimora.jp/) Created independently by the “Anime Hack” editorial department from the provided data. For terrestrial digital broadcasting in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we measure the recording reservation status of anime programs that were broadcast up to one week ago. Longevity programs that have been on the air for over a year are excluded from the ranking.

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Kingdom 3rd series

Kingdom 3rd series Check-in42

In BC, in Qin, west of China, there was a young thousand general, Shin, who was aiming to become a “general general in the world” who dreamed of being his late best friend. Being involved in a coup d’etat that once happened in the royal capital, with the current Qin King, Eisei …

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