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Additional characters and additional casts for the TV anime “SHAMAN KING”, which will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo in April 2021, have been announced.

“SHAMAN KING” is a story in which Yoh Asakura, a boy who can see the spirit, participates in Shaman Fight, which decides the top of Shaman, and fights with his friends to become Shaman King. Currently, the new chapter “SHAMAN KING THE SUPER STAR” is being serialized in “Shonen Magazine Edge” (Kodansha).

The additional character announced this time is the blacksmith Mosuke, who was a close friend of Amidamaru. The CV was decided by Masakazu Morita, and comments arrived from Masakazu Morita.

◆ Character introduction & cast comment
Bereavement (CV: Morita Chengichi)
A blacksmith who was a close friend of Amidamaru.
I was spending time with Amidamaru at a temple where orphans who lost their parents gathered.
600 years ago, he struck the vermicelli, Amidamaru’s favorite sword.

Q1. Could you tell us about the appeal of this work?
I am the generation who started reading “SHAMAN KING” from the beginning of the series.
The word shaman itself appeared a little in Japanese history and world history, but it made me feel some ancient romance.
Its fascinating presence appears in modern times. That alone was an exciting work.

Q2. Could you tell us your enthusiasm for playing the character Mosuke?
This work is in the process of being produced as a completely new animation. I am honored to be able to appear at that start.
Whether you’re a fan or a first-timer, I think it’s a work that everyone can enjoy!
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(C) Hiroyuki Takei, Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project., TV TOKYO

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