TVE borrows the music of Fairy Tail for its new summary of the day at the Olympic Games

Yes, by now it is very likely that everyone has learned that in one way or another, anime and video games are sneaking into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in several different ways. After seeing how an athlete won a medal while wearing the classic necklace from The Witcher or how the soundtracks of titles like Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy played during the opening ceremony, TVE was encouraged to “enrich” its news programs in a similar way.

A couple of days ago, the television network TVE (Spanish Television) accompanied the video summary of the day at the Tokyo Olympic Games with the main song of the anime Naruto, something that surprised and delighted the fans of the work. Continuing with this trend, in the video broadcast this noon the most iconic theme of Fairy Tail was included, the series that adapts the well-known manga by Hiro Mashima.

Many viewers had their mobile phones ready to record the moment this video appeared on the screen, and the Twitter user Marvin was one of those who shared his emotion with the choice of TVE. So, the melody of the most powerful guild in the wizarding world sounded along with the best performances of Spanish athletes who competed in boxing, cycling, beach volleyball, judo or women’s water polo. After this, people are already wondering the following: What song will TVE choose for tomorrow’s summary?

Sinopsis de Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail tells the story of Natsu, a young wizard who searches everywhere for his teacher and adoptive father Igneel, and Lucy, a girl who dreams of joining the most powerful wizard guild of all: Fairy Tail. The moment they meet, a long list of adventures begins that will lead them to face all kinds of dangers, make lots of friends and discover great truths about the magical world.

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