Two o’clock ten X Youku animation, fantasy martial arts animation “Eternal Sword God” ED released, the combination of paper-cut art and drama to interpret the ultimate national style! _Bian Jingting_Xiaoxi_Eternal Sword

Original title: 2:10 X Youku Anime, the fantasy martial arts animation “Eternal Sword God” ED released, the combination of paper-cut art and opera to interpret the ultimate national style!

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Co-produced, two point ten animation production,

Fantasy martial arts animation “Eternal Sword God” ED is officially released!

From September 30th,Every Friday at 10:00 am,

Youku anime broadcast exclusively,VIP members watch 1 episode first!

The melody is long, the opera is tactful, and the paper-cut is exquisite. From the music to the picture, it is added layer by layer, creating an immersive and extreme national style.

not only inviteYuan Chengxiang, the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage paper-cut projectThe teacher creates character paper-cuts;

He also invited a person who was called “beautiful drama” by netizens.Bian Jingting and Xiao Xier, members of the 416 girl groupSing the ending song.

ending song titled“Everything”produced by The One Studio, composed by Ji Ang, lyric by Liu Enxun, sung by Bian Jingting and Xiao Xier, is a song tailored for animation,A story about the intertwining and guarding of this destiny is told through notes and melody.

Traditional musical instruments such as erhu, flute and drum are added to the song to enrich the layers. The melodiousness of the flute and the richness of the Chinese drum complement each other, not only the ancient style is clean and ethereal, but also adds a bit of arrogance.

Xiao Xi’er and Bian Jingting, who graduated from the opera major of Shanghai Theater Academy, added their own skills to the singing of this song.Cheng Pai Tsing YiandLao DanThe singing style brings soul to this song.

Xiao Xi’er’s Cheng Pai Tsing Yi has a lingering voice, while Bian Jingting’s Lao Dan’s voice is majestic. The two voices are intertwined with each other. They are both soothing and gentle, and powerful and firm.

In the chorus part of the two, the harmony of hardness and softness is even more lingering, and the aftertaste is endless. The lingering fate, the long fleeting years, the firm promise and the majestic atmosphere of seeing through life and death in the story are vividly displayed.

Either tactful or majestic, with the vivid paper-cuts by Mr. Yuan ChengxiangAncient Chinese rhyme.Just like the song “A hundred twists and a thousand turns are all fate”, the art of paper-cutting and operaA perfect fit is the guide of fate.

Paper cutting and drama are justA small part of the national style,The “Guofeng Theater” where “Eternal Sword God” is located also brings together many excellent works of American style.

Youku opens this yearGuoman Double Theaternamely “Guofeng Theater” and “Open Hanging Theater”, corresponding to the two most prominent typological features and the hottest theme types in the current Chinese comic field, namely “Guofeng” and “Shuangman”.

From September 30th at 10 o’clock every Friday, “Eternal Sword God” will be broadcast exclusively on Youku Anime “Guofeng Theater”, and Youku members will watch it first!


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