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“UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE” will be held on October 3rd!

This year as well, we will hold it as an online event “UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE” delivered online, not as a real event! A variety of title presentations and the annual cosplay runway. We will prepare and deliver a variety of other programs.

In addition, we will also announce that part of the program will be distributed simultaneously at “Tokyo Game Show 2021” this year. We will introduce “Far Cry 6”, which is about to be released on October 7, with a special guest play.

In addition, we have decided to hold a cosplay runway this year as well. We look forward to your wonderful cosplay videos or photos. After the end of the main story of Ubisoft Day 2021 Online, it has been decided that an after party will be held this year as well. For details on both, see the overview below.


UBISOFT DAY 2021 ONLINE Delivery date: October 3, 2021 (Sun) 17:30 * Subject to change

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Delivery date: Sunday, October 3, 2021 18: 00-18: 50

Special site: Released at a later date


・ MC Katsuyuki Konishi

・ Ikeda Chocolat

・ Susumu Imadachi (Electric Comic) and others

Introductory title: Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.

Broadcast URL: Announced at a later date

Would you like to participate in “Cosplay Runway”?

UBISOFT DAY’s specialty “Cosplay Runway” will be held again this year! No title binding! Participation prize will be presented to all participants. You can decide stylishly or make it a drama! ?? Let’s enter with a movie or photo taken as a character of your favorite Ubisoft!

[Entry method]

Application period: From September 1, 2021 (Wednesday) to September 15, 2021 (Wednesday) 23:59

Please fill in the necessary information and email address “[email protected]Please send an email with the subject “UBISOFT DAY 2021 Cosplay Runway Application” on “.com”.

[Necessary items]

■ Full name

■ Name in the program

■ Age: 20 years old or older or under 20 years old

■ Character to cosplay

■ Appeal comment (up to 200 characters)

■ Movie or photo (attached or uploaded URL is acceptable)

■ If more than one person applies, please include the information of all the participants in the email so that the representative can understand it.

* Appeal comments will be one person / one team

* We may read your name and comments aloud in the program.

[Entry work regulation]

■ Please keep it within the maximum of “10 seconds” (A part of the video that exceeds 10 seconds may be cut)

■ Shooting equipment is free

■ Both vertical and horizontal types are OK

■ File format is either “mp4”, “m4v” or “mov”

■ Up to 1 work per person / team

■ You can apply for one piece, up to three pieces (if you apply for more than one piece, we will introduce them as one work as a slide show)

■ Both vertical and horizontal types are OK (when applying for multiple sheets, it is recommended to unify to either vertical or horizontal)

■ File format is either “jpg” or “png”

■ 1 work per person / team (up to 3)

* Works that may violate copyright law and works that violate public order and morals may be excluded (eg, music not produced by Ubisoft is used as BGM).

* If the file size exceeds 10MB, please upload and write the download URL in the email instead of attaching it to the email.

* The submitted work will be introduced in the program of “UBISOFT Day 2021 Online” and saved as a program archive video.Please note

After party overview

Date: October 3, 2021 (Sun) After Ubisoft day 2021 online is over * Subject to change

Venue: ZOOM * The URL and password will be sent to the winners by email.

[How to apply for participation]

Application period: September 1st (Wednesday) -September 20th (Monday), 2021 23:59

The subject is “UBISOFT Day 2021 After Party Application”, and after entering the following necessary items in the text, “[email protected]Please send an email to.

[Necessary items]

■ Name (full name)

■ Handle name used in ZOOM (full-width half-width OK, up to 15 characters)

■ Age: 20 years old or older or under 20 years old

■ Proposed talk theme (Opinions, requests, questions and chats are OK!)

Ubisoft official blog “UBIBLOG”



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