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Original title: Ulster University recommends MSc Applied Psychology for key courses

With its strong teaching and scientific research strength, Ulster University has played a great role in promoting the social, economic and cultural development of Northern Ireland, and thus has become the main force in attracting government and corporate investment in Northern Ireland. Most of the school’s disciplines are closely linked to practice, and it offers students internships in major international companies, which are invaluable for a one-year master’s program. The School of Arts and Humanities has a strong artistic atmosphere and very advanced facilities. It is one of the 7 best art schools in the UK.

Key courses recommended MSc Applied Psychology Master of Applied Psychology (Mental Health and Psychotherapy)

This is a Masters programme accredited by the BPS (British Psychological Society). Students who successfully complete their studies will be able to undertake further professional training in clinical, counselling, educational or forensic psychology; more likely to take up related positions in the public and private sectors (eg assistant/assistant psychologist positions, research assistant/analyst positions).

The MA in Applied Psychology has been shortlisted for the ‘Graduate Course of the Year’ for Irish graduates for three consecutive years. Students in this program will study psychological theory and research related to etiology, assessment and treatment issues, and advanced research methods used by practitioners in practice, as well as techniques and theories related to psychological assessment, formulation and intervention.

1. Course Features

The programme provides students with an practicum module, an independent practicum module of 15 credits (“Clinical Placement in Applied Psychology”). Students will be placed in a local health and social care related agency for a clinical placement in psychological services, specialising in adult mental health, child and adolescent mental health, paediatric psychology, geriatrics, personality disorders and autism spectrum disorder services Wait.

Students gain a comprehensive knowledge of the major psychotherapies (i.e. cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and systems practice) and gain practical experience using them – through live role-plays and video analysis in the School Skills Lab, as well as in lectures Experience in group work. On the PWP training route within the program, students will have the opportunity to practice these skills in a clinical placement.

2. Curriculum setting

Advanced Research Methods in Applied Psychology, Project Research, Professional Issues (including Community Engagement Projects), Child Mental Health, Developmental Trauma, Adult Mental Health, Family Therapy and Systems Practice 1 & 2, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological Assessment and Participation (Scheduling Internships), cognitive behavioral therapy for common mental health problems (internships), etc.

3. Admissions Information

Degree: Master

Tuition fees: £15,360 (£2,000 tuition fee waiver for international students)

Entry Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in psychology or similar majors, with bachelor’s degree certificate and degree certificate (average grade 70%) and relevant work experience is preferred

English requirements: IELTS total score of 5 and above (with English class); IELTS total score of 6, no individual item lower than 5.5 can be recorded directly

Mode of study: full-time study

Semester Length: 1 year

Exam Method: Assessment is conducted through a combination of coursework including applied projects, essays, reports and examinations

Campus: Colin Campus

Start date: September 2022

Application deadline: August 2022

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