Unjash Kojima, black-haired twin-tailed cosplay! “Well, I didn’t know who it was because it was so cute.” –All About NEWS

Kazuya Kojima of the comedy duo Unjash updated his Instagram on May 22nd. He is showing off his twin-tailed cosplay appearance and is receiving a lot of attention.

“If you think someone is cute, it’s amazing”

Mr. Kojima has hashtags such as “#youtube”, “#Yuateya”, “#Makeup”, and “# It took 3 hours”, and has 4 photos of himself. It is a cosplay figure of Yuatya, a popular character from the manga “Ashita, Watashi wa Someone’s Girlfriend”. She has black-haired bangs and twin tails, drinking cute drinks and posing. Her outfit is perfect, wearing a black see-through top and carrying a cute pink backpack, which is exactly “Yuateya”.

In the comment, “I think it’s amazing if I think of someone cute,” “I think it’s very beautiful! I think it’s a handsome guy,” “Well, I didn’t know who it was,” said Kojima-san. There are many voices praising. In addition, she said, “I thought it was cute, but my second arm was too stiff,” and it seems that she couldn’t become a girl up to her arm.

On YouTube, the video “Kojima will go to see him because it was a great success if he made up Kano Yua tomorrow. Kojiya” is released. The process of becoming a regular Kojima-san is interesting. In the video, Mr. Kojima does his own make-up. It’s surprising that cute Kojima-san was made by her own hands. I’m looking forward to more posts and videos that will make you laugh!

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