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  • Animation era

    Forgotten CapeOther typesSerialization

    When demons invade our animation world, people who love the second dimension! Are you still waiting to die! Ignore the persecution of the girl!No, it’s impossible. Even if you step on my corpse, I will get up from hell and drag you down because that’s my sister, that’s my second dimension

    Latest: Chapter 48 The baby stabbed you to death

  • Traveler in anime

    Traveler in anime

    SkyOther typesSerialization

    Travel through the heavens as a traveler to pursue the only opportunity. (The main world is from the abyss)

    Latest: Chapter 80: Water Dragon By Dependence

  • Comprehensive Manga: A Big Collision in the Anime World!

    Comprehensive Manga: A Big Collision in the Anime World!

    Argyrophilic fiberOther typesSerialization

    My name is Peng Zhaoshi. I am now very flustered and inexplicably crossing into a world called Zongman Continent and I live in a surprising community. Hututu lives upstairs. Fuck, am I in Dudou community? ! Ling Meiqi Ling Meixue lived on the opposite side. Ok? Don’t you live in a villa? ! On the right, Edogawa Conan lives, and on the left, Jinkiken lives. I rely on! Double death**! There is another person named Luo Luo downstairs.Uh…nothing to say. Fortunately, there is a random lottery system that passes through the standard configuration. Otherwise, you shouldn’t take the ghouls in the weird alleys walking on the street and a certain Tushan Yaya that freezes when you are upset What to do

    Newest: Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen A Happy Ending

  • Walk the anime world

    Walk the anime world

    18048558619Other typesSerialization

    The old saying goes: Heaven has the biggest arrangement. When the fate of the two people crossed, the future of Ming Ming was destined to be colorful. Forgetting time and time again, searching for one world after another. Every time he meets, how will he decide whether to be an orphan, to be a nobleman, or to step into the cage of life from now on. Now let us walk towards the life of a beggar.

    Latest: Chapter 34 on the occasion of leaving

  • Anime crossing starts with monsters

    Anime crossing starts with monsters

    The first person in the national comicOther typesSerialization

    Traveling to the anime, binding the strongest hero system, pushing sisters can become stronger, pushing demons can become stronger, learning spells can become stronger, killing villains can also become stronger! “I’m shining, I am worthy of being the strongest male lead system, and it will become stronger in all aspects!” “It’s a pity, if you start with anime with many villains, it would be great!” Cross the anime world!

    Latest: 3

  • How to grow the king of animation

    How to grow the king of animation

    Zhu ZhiyueOther typesend

    (Dressed in the realistic urban essays that passer-by heroines develop the same people, it just expands the world. By the way, there are also the pet girls of Sakura Village.) “Why are there elder sisters, Ying Lili, and saints in this world? Yeah! And are you called Zhenbai!” LOVE. LIVE project, Nine Miss Muse, Hatsune Miku Idol Project, Naruto, One Piece, Gensokyo Project, Model Moon Project, yes, I just want to become a cult Master, let all the dead houses worship! This is a modern Japan where problems occurred during World War II, and the history is specious. This is a manga, novel, anime, and seiyuu firm established by a traverser who became a rich second generation in Japan and established his own ACG empire. story.

    Latest: The final chapter listens to Dad

  • Animation skills add a point

    Animation skills add a point

    Dragon pigeonOther typesSerialization


    Latest: Chapter 122 0124. Lei Department

  • Shuttle in anime movies

    Shuttle in anime movies

    Mushrooms in the windOther typesSerialization

    Ling Tian gained a system to shuttle among various animation movies, becoming stronger step by step. (The introduction is weak, please see the text)

    Latest: Chapter 74 Dragon Sacred Land

  • When the anime heroine grows up

    When the anime heroine grows up

    Da Lang hits the wolfOther typesSerialization

    In this world, Shiyu Kasumigaoka is already a top-ranking writer in the island country, Sagiri Izumi is already the world’s top illustrator, and Kaguya Shimiya is already…er! In short, the original plot of the male protagonist has long passed away. This book is about the daily life of the anime heroines when they grow up.

    Latest: Chapter 383 Always By My Side

  • Infinite Animation Mall

    GentlemanOther typesSerialization

    No opening for three years ~ three years after opening! Hello~ This is the time and space mall, I’m the store manager Bai Yu! glad to serve you! Excuse me~ Is there anything to buy? ! No? Is there anything for sale? !

    Latest: Chapter 308 is tolerable or unbearable (part 2)

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