“Untidy man”: the unusual daughter of Yakubovich was horrified by her appearance

24-year-old Barbara stands apart from most star children. The girl is far from the world of glamour.

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The heiress of Leonid Yakubovich, who graduated from the Faculty of International Journalism at MGIMO, is an extraordinary person. As Varvara Vido once admitted, she studied at school with the children of Malinin and Serov’s daughter. However, at the end, the original young lady no longer communicated with the offspring of eminent celebrities. The old hobbies of the red-haired beauty were singing and cosplay. Varya was especially successful in transforming herself into comic book characters, and the charmer’s musical career has not stood still for a long time. So, the aspiring singer even released her debut album in English under the pseudonym Barbara Vido.

“Artists express their position through creativity. In my poems and songs I express what I can not always say. A lot can be indicated with a voice: your attitude to events, emotions, thoughts, ”admitted the young vocalist.

Unusual appearance and a rather non-standard way of thinking turned Varvara into a favorite of the Russians. Despite her youth, the girl has long been living separately from her parents, who never spoiled their beloved child excessively. Today, the youngest heiress of the leading capital show “Field of Miracles” posted a curious frame on her personal microblog. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the Internet audience liked the picture. In the published photo, Barbara appeared in a rather brutal form. Wide shorts and a loose T-shirt not in the most favorable way set off the relaxed pose of the girl. “An untidy man,” a user commented on the photo, noting that the TV presenter’s daughter is terrifying in appearance.

But Barbara herself, it seems, is not going to pay attention to the ubiquitous commentators. As the red-haired beauty admitted, she prefers to spend her day off in a special way.

“The recipe for a great Saturday: swim in Serebryany Bor lake, have a picnic, meet the sunset with raspberry lemonade at Strelka,” Varya said.

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