Uras, a new petrol station will be inaugurated after 15 years

To get petrol you have to get to Terralba or San Nicolò d’Arcidano. Or in Mogoro.

A sort of mandatory additional tax for those who want to use the machine. For the citizens of Uras a real inconvenience. But soon the turning point. 15 years after the closure of the last petrol station, in Uras, with 2,800 souls, a new plant will be reopened.

“A godsend – comments the mayor Anna Maria Dore -. It is appropriate to say it”.

The last distributor in the town of Terralbese was closed in 2005. In all these years no entrepreneur has wanted to invest to open a service station. But now the company “Sardegna Carburanti” is thinking about it.

Alessio Demontis, 34 years old from Guspini, is the administrator: “A few months ago we bought the land and then built the new station – says the young entrepreneur who has been working in the sector for years -. Having so many friends in Uras, I knew the problem well. because we have decided to embark on this new adventure. We are happy to be able to guarantee an important service that has been awaited for so many years. We are ready to welcome citizens “.

The station is located on the outskirts of the town, at the entrance to Uras.

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