Vanessa Enoteca comes to life in this spectacular cosplay of ‘Black Clover’

The world of cosplay allows us to get an idea of ​​what some of the most recognizable characters in the world of manganime would look like in real life. It is true that not all cosplay have the same quality and there are some better than others, although from Vandal Random we have always made sure to bring you the most spectacular that we can find on social networks: from the character of Lady Nagant or Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia to Mikasa Ackerman from Attack the titans. Today it is the turn of Vanessa Enoteca de Black Clover in a cosplay very faithful to the original design.

From the Instagram account of bvi_mermaid (goes Comicbook) we get an impressive cosplay of the witch from the Witches’ Forest. The cosplayer in question reveals in the comments of the applauded publication that Most of the costume outfits have been obtained through AliExpressAlthough he has made an effort to find the right hair tone and imitate the expressions of the original character so that we get the idea of ​​what he would look like in real life. Those who six followers of Black Clover you will know firsthand that the character of Vanessa, whose magic can change destiny, is one of the great fundamental pillars to understand the Black Bulls squad.

Continue the Black Clover anime?

The anime of Black Clover came to an end with a total of 170 episodes that you can watch through Crunchyroll, though the manga continues on a weekly basis. Although the anime has no plans to continue, this same year a new animated feature film that could continue beyond the end of the series; The manga continues and its creator does not know when to end, so the film could be the first cornerstone of a new season for the anime, although at the moment they are conjecture.


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