Varvarion 3D Sword Action Trailer

Developer Polygonomicon has released a new trailer for its upcoming fighting game Varvarion.

The trailer showcases a good look at the demo that was presented at BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan.

This is how the developer officially describes the game.

“VARVARION is an ongoing 3D sword action game that puts you at the center of anime-style sword fighting games. Roll over and dodge to dodge ferocious attacks, parry in the last possible split second to deliver the killing blow, and do it all with the style and flair of an anime battle; this is what VARVARION strives for. Another goal is to support a wide range of combat situations, from 1v1 duels to group melee combat. VVARVARION is designed to balance game-like tactical combat skills with the wide variety of combat scenarios found in action games. ”

IN Barbarian there is no release window or platforms announced, but the developer expects it to appear “for sure” on PC via Steam.

The game supports local split-screen, but the developer also plans to implement a single-player campaign. Online multiplayer will also appear, but not a priority at the moment.

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