Veronica: 2B cosplay drives fans crazy

2B is the main female character in the Nier Automata universe. It has been the subject of countless professional and semi-professional disguises and cosplay since the game has been available on the market.

There was no shortage of truly amazing interpretations, such as that of the Japanese Shirogane-Sama.

These days fans of the saga are thrilled by the announcement of the developers of a renewal of the look for 2B that will arrive with the next update.

Today, September 26, 2021, the Italian Veronica, an established cosplayer in the national videogame world, drove the local community crazy with an exceptional disguise.

It is a classic look, farewell to the 2B that has accompanied players for a year. Many wonder if, in conjunction with the restyling of the character, new cosplay images will come out.

Veronica herself could impersonate the same subject twice, offering an interesting comparison between the old and the new.

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