Violet Evergarden, the cosplay of mk_ays makes you dream –

Violet Evergarden is the protagonist of this beautiful cosplay from mk_ays, which portrays the protagonist of the homonymous anime in a practically perfect way, including the particular dreamy aura that characterizes the whole series in question.

On the other hand, we have already enjoyed mk_ays processing in many other situations and the Russian model she always proves very good in the reconstruction of clothes and in the reinterpretation of female characters, especially when these have something ethereal and delicate, given the sweetness of the features.

The subject in this case fits perfectly: Violet Evergarden is indeed a kind of living weapon at the beginning of the series, but in her training journey she discovers the existence of different feelings and is completed as a human being able to feel love and other positive emotions in the path from “automatic writing doll” in which she is involved after the war.

From a battle machine she becomes a profound and selfless girl, while always remaining very elegant and formal in appearance. Precisely these characteristics are captured in the interpretation of mk_ays, also facilitated by a certain similarity of the face and a perfect reconstruction of thecharacteristic dress.

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