Viral TikTok Cat goes viral for great and identical cosplay of ‘Bills’ Drangon ball anime – viral VIDEO social networks tik tok trends

Animals on social networks tend to attract attention for their actions, which go viral. However, there are others who gain views for different reasons, like this cat who surprised with a cosplay.

The feline was disguised by its owner as’Bills‘, the god cat from Dragon Ball that appears in one of the famous anime films, causing a great surprise to all fans of the show.

In addition, it also caught the attention of people who love cats because, as can be seen in images, the animal looks identical, even in gestures because it is of the same breed.

The clothes are identical, but also the accessories that he wears around his neck and one of his ears.

The video, on TikTok, has reached, so far, about two million views in less than 24 hours, establishing itself as one of the most viewed publications of the weekend.

“The ‘Gatonmadre’ is now a god,” wrote the author of the video called ‘Mildor 87’ on social media.


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