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July is the month where Peru celebrates its National Holidays and the activities include, among other things, the civic-military parade which is carried out in different ways in various cities and towns of the South American country, but, recently, it became trend the video where the death of Túpac Amaru, one of the heroes of Peruvian independence, is recreated, which did not take long to become known in social networks as TikTok.

Innovating to celebrate independence

The footage was shared last July 27th from the account of Daniko (@danielanikoll_12)which is accompanied by the audio of sponge Bob that has gone viral: “We painted the whole house, without dropping a single drop of paint that is not… What is that!”

What we see in the clip is a group of students in the middle of the civic-school parade in which both students and teachers from the district of Snows, province of CondorcanquirAmazon Regionwhere four horses (which are made up of boys dressed like these animals), ridden by riders who pretend to be Spanish soldiers, pull by the limbs one who pretends to be Tupac Amaru.

But, this was not something improvised, on the contrary, because the person who acted as hero of peruvian independence he was lying on his back, on a rolling surface that allowed him not only to rest his body, but also to walk without problems.

Surprised users with imagination of schoolchildren

The footage is piling up over 2 million viewswith thousands of comments that do not stop laughing, but also highlight the imagination of schoolchildren: “Realistic cosplay of Tupac Amaru, “I would like to be taken like this to sleep and not walk”, “(Peruvians) are another level (level)”, “Children, you are the future of the country, congratulations”, “what creativity of these children”.

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