Visions is about to arrive, critics are enthusiastic about the project

We have always bonded Star Wars to live action, starting from those films born almost 45 years ago from the mind of George Lucas, reiterated by the prequels at the turn of the two millennia and then by a series of projects including books, video games and new Disney-branded adaptations.

In recent times, the far distant galaxy has flourished with other major and collateral projects, with a The Mandalorian arrived in its third season and video games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake in programma. But a brand new and certainly unique project will also arrive on Disney + in a few days, which has collected the skill of some Japanese animation studios. Studio Trigger, Production IG, Kinema Citrus and many others they will play the episodes of Star Wars: Visions, a project that will lead us to meet unpublished characters observed from another point of view.

While still with an editorial embargo, several American critics have leaked small considerations on Star Wars: Visions. The opinion is almost unanimous: the project deserves the vision and presents the world of Star Wars in a way never seen before. Each episode manages to be dynamic, unique, expressive and original, so as to provide an ever-changing vision of the universe of jedi and sith.

Don’t miss the trailer for Star Wars: Visions, the release of which is scheduled for September 22, 2021 on Disney +.

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