WandaVision, the cosplay of Scarlet Witch of OMG Cosplay is sexy and very faithful – Nerd4.life

WandaVision is the series of the moment, everyone is talking about it and it is clear that the world of cosplay was deeply fascinated by it, as the interpretation of the Scarlet Witch signed OMG Cosplay.

After the splendid Samus in the Zero Suit version, the beautiful Maggie McGehee therefore wanted to pay homage to the famous character played in the cinema and on TV by Elizabeth Olsen.

In particular, the Texan model was inspired by the classic costume of Wanda, which is also seen in some sequences in WandaVision and of course in the comics Marvel.

As you probably know, there are several differences between the paper version and the film version of Wanda Maximoff: the latter is not in fact a mutant daughter of Magneto, but the fruit of an experiment for the creation of metahumans.

The broad background of the Scarlet Witch comics, however, came in handy for the writers of WandaVision, who used some of its most famous storylines to bring to life the narrative structure of the series, available for streaming on Disney+.

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