Watching movies now popular “dismantle card” and “out card” become a hot film and television

Watching movies now popular “demolition card”
“Tang Detective 3” releases collection card “out card” into a popular film and television fashion

Changsha Evening News, February 27 (all-media reporter Ning Shaou) This year’s Spring Festival, the film market is extremely hot, and it has repeatedly set various records. Outside of theaters, the peripheral derivative products of movies have quietly become popular. The popular “Detective Chinatown 3” (hereinafter referred to as “Detective Tang 3”) recently launched its film and television collection cards, “I took out Liu Haoran’s signature card”, “I took out Wang Baoqiang’s hand-painted card”, Fans are happy to open it. And “Tang Detective 3” is not the first to eat crabs. Before, “My Motherland and Me” and some popular animations have already produced collection cards. Cards that condense the essence of movies and TV are becoming more and more popular among fans. Collections.

Can not only take out stills

I can also take out the autograph

“In fact, everyone should be familiar with collecting cards. When we were young, we all ate plain noodles and collected character cards from Three Kingdoms and Water Margin. Movie cards are similar to this.” Senior card player Mark introduced to reporters.

This type of collection card originated from the star card that was provided with tobacco in the United States, and has a history of more than 100 years. During the period of the Republic of China, Chinese tobacco products also had card gifts, but they did not last. Up to now, the main product of the collection card is still the star card. NBA and European Football League have various series of star cards coming out every year, and the Chinese Super League and CBA also have star cards. The film and television card is also one of the important branches. The familiar Marvel superhero series of movies and the American drama “The Big Bang Theory” all have cards launched. With the development of China’s film and television industry, domestic film and television distribution collection cards have gradually been accepted by everyone. .

“Video cards are usually made very beautifully, with character stills, close-ups of scenes, cartoon images of characters, etc., and some have refraction effects. The biggest surprises are physical cards and signature cards. The physical card is the show through the stars. The clothes are cut into small pieces and embedded in the card. As the name suggests, the signature card is accompanied by a star’s autograph.” Mark introduced.

Can be collected

Can also appreciate

What are these cards for? The first is of course collection. “Stars who appear in popular movies usually have a large number of fans, and no fans don’t want to have an idol’s autographs. The so-called face-to-face signatures sold on the Internet are difficult to distinguish. The movie card is different. It has an official endorsement, which is called a signature card. Bai is signed by the celebrity.” Mr. Kamirin told reporters.

The second can appreciate. Like the signature card of the movie star Tong Liya in “Me and My Motherland”, the transaction price on professional trading websites has exceeded 10,000 yuan, and the holder can not only recover the cost of buying the card box, but also make a small profit. And big stars have grown up from young actors. If you are optimistic about the potential of an actor, you can hoard cards when he or she is not popular, and then sell them when they become famous.

“However, playing cards is also a very expensive expense. Whether you are collecting or waiting for appreciation, you need to do what you can and live within your means.” Mr. Lin reminded at the same time.

“Me and My Motherland” “Tang Detective 3”

Collecting cards has gradually become fashionable

“Tang Detective 3” is not the first movie to test the water film collection card. As early as 2019, “My Motherland and Me” became China’s first live-action film to issue a film card. The card includes the signatures of directors such as Chen Kaige and Xu Zheng, as well as the signatures of actors such as Liu Haoran, Tong Liya, and Du Jiang, which really set off a big wave in the card circle.

In the “two-dimensional” world, it is not uncommon for animation works to be released. “Quiba”, “Elephant Invisible”, “Painting Rivers and Lakes” series and other animations have issued collection cards, the lucky ones can collect the original hand-painted original paintings by the artist.

“Card fans are still a small circle,” Mark introduced, “but with the successful demonstrations of “Me and My Country” and “Tang Detective 3″, I believe that more and more people will understand this. More and more popular movies will also launch collection cards.”


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