Wayne Hills Ventures acquires technology evaluation grade AA from Incredibles

Wayne Hills Ventures, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, announced on the 15th that it had received an AA rating from Incredible, a technology evaluation agency designated by the Korea Exchange.

Wayne Hills Ventures, which is pushing for a technical special listing on the KOSDAQ in the second half of this year, has come one step closer to listing with this AA rating. In order to be listed with special technology, the two institutions designated by the Korea Exchange must obtain grades of A and BBB or higher, respectively.

Wayne Hills Ventures is developing an algorithm that extracts dictionary meanings from text and voice data with AI technology and automatically converts them into digital content by combining images, animations, and sound effects that match them. It is a technology that visualizes a virtual metaverse space in 3D through an image synthesis technology algorithm and won the Mobile Software Innovation Award at ‘CES 2022’.

Sumin Lee, CEO of Wayne Hills Ventures, said, “We will make efforts to receive an additional AA rating or higher from the technology evaluation agency designated by the Korea Exchange within the first half of the year.”

By Kwon Geon-ho, staff reporter [email protected]


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