We can expect this during Blizzconline on 19 & 20 February

Blizzard celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! And of course they prefer to celebrate that with the entire community during a new edition of Blizzcon. The now annual party in Anaheim. But due to the pandemic we are all dealing with, Blizzard has now decided to launch the first edition of it BlizzConline to make it. With everything you are used to from Blizzard, of course, but completely online. And also completely free, so everyone can register themselves.

BlizzConline 2021

The first day of BlizzConline will start at 11 p.m. Dutch time, op Friday evening 19 February. During this traditional opening, we get a first look at a whole host of new game content that is still in development. So possibly more info about Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. There are rumors about mobile and free to play Warcraft games. Fans of World of Warcraft: Classic are hoping for the announcement of a classic version of The Burning Crusade, judging by the key art on Blizzcon’s website, we see clearly Illidan Stormrage there. And of course we also want to know more about Sylvanas Windrunner’s plans and how things will continue in The Shadowlands. At the end of this opening, everyone will be given the choice to tune in for the next three hours to one of the six different themed channels, which go deeper into the games you are most interested in.

Day two will start a little earlier on Saturday 20 February, at 9 p.m. Dutch time. Mhe again several channels to tune in. There are plenty of Q&A sessions this second day in which Blizzard will answer the questions of players worldwide. And we also see the participants and winners in the annual Community Showcase cosplay, film, talent and art competitions and exhibitions.

If you can’t experience all of this on these days, no worries, everything that will be broadcast can be seen later in the BlizzConline video archives. The final program will be announced shortly.

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