“We will give content wings to Ulsan industry” Gu Ja-rok, President of Ulsan Information Industry Promotion Agency

“Ulsan needs to get rid of the image of a giant chimney. A smart city image that dynamically deploys advanced technology and business in a large-scale industrial complex is needed. We will achieve this with the power of digital content.”

Director of Ulsan Information Industry Promotion Agency, Ja-rok Koo, declared the realization of ‘Ulsan, a city of convergence and complex contents’. It is a strong will to bring new vitality to Ulsan’s strategic industry as well as the entire city by combining contents. President Koo emphasized, “For Ulsan industrial and economic innovation, various strategies such as revitalization of start-ups, strengthening of competitiveness of SMEs, and collaboration with large corporations are necessary, but the content power must be at the base.”

Director Koo, who will be inaugurated next month for a year, is a content fanatic. From individuals to companies, industries, cities and countries, I believe that ‘competitiveness depends on content’.

With the inauguration of the president, he included contents in the overall vision, goals, and organizational operation of the Agency.

‘Contents’ was added to the mid- to long-term catchphrase and changed to ‘a promotion organization that leads regional innovative growth with the power of ICT and contents’. Strategic Industry Advancement In the mid- to long-term function of the Promotion Agency focusing on IT development, ‘Contents Industry Fostering’ was included and a ‘Contents Business Team’ was newly established in the organizational system.

The three major areas of virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR), metaverse, and webtoon (animation) are set as strategic contents in Ulsan, and they are focusing on securing large-scale government projects and supporting the discovery of promising local content companies.

Director Koo said, “In the direction of fostering Ulsan’s contents industry, industrial contents and pure contents are two major axes. VR/AR and metaverse contents will lead the digital transformation of the local industry as well as the advancement of key industries, while webtoons and animations will play a role in promoting Ulsan’s excellent cultural and tourism resources at home and abroad.”

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The ‘Ulsan Contents Enterprise Development Center’, which will be opened at the end of the year, is an infrastructure to support the growth of the content industry, which is particularly highly anticipated. The center integrates content giants and supports the production of local-specific content. 20 companies are carefully selected to provide various benefits such as development space, equipment use, and business participation.

Director Koo said, “Infrastructure that supports the growth of existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to scale up and expand content business by scaling up one-person start-ups and early start-ups discovered in various businesses such as Contents Korea Lab, VR/AR Industrialization Support Center, and SW Convergence Cluster. all. It will become a base for nurturing a global content company representing Ulsan in the mid- to long-term.”

Ulsan Information Industry Promotion Agency started developing Ulsan-specific industrial contents such as ‘Ulsan Industrial Tourism Metaverse’ and ‘Floating Offshore Wind Power Virtual Experience Model’. It is a multi-purpose project that can promote Ulsan’s outstanding industrial infrastructure and competitiveness and secure content development capabilities.

As pure contents, we are developing ‘Whale Jelly’s AR fusion content’ with Daewangam Suspension Bridge as the background, and ‘Delivery of Hope contents and characters’ using Ulsan’s famous Ganjeolgot and large mailboxes. Various multi-businesses are also being prepared with Whale Jellyz as the source character.

The development contents are planned to be marketed under the brand ‘ULSAN VIBE’.

Director Koo said, “The primary goal is to secure a second growth momentum in Ulsan by linking Ulsan’s cultural resources to tourism industry with industrial contents and by linking Ulsan’s cultural resources with pure contents. Please pay attention to promising content companies that are leading the development of convergence and complex content.”

Ulsan = Reporter Lim Dong-shik [email protected]


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