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A new animation production for the TV anime “Weak Chara Tomozaki-kun” broadcast from January 2021 has been decided! We will introduce the latest information.

New animation production of TV animation “Weak character Tomozaki-kun” is decided!

Weak character Tomozaki-kun _0116_ Animated

Broadcast from January 2021New animation production of TV animation “Weak character Tomozaki-kun” is decided!

Along with this announcement[TVanime”WeakcharacterTomozaki-kun”seriousannouncement!!
Special PV “CONTINUE?”]Is released!

In addition, the original authorYuki Yaku, As Fumiya TomozakiGen SatoMr. Aoi HinamiHisako KanemotoA special comment from Mr. has also been released!

Weak character Tomozaki-kun _0116_ logo

TV animation “Weak character Tomozaki-kun” serious announcement !! Special PV “CONTINUE?” Has been released!

Aoi Hinami (CV: Hisako Kanemoto), Minami Nanami (CV: Ikumi Hasegawa), Fuka Kikuchi (CV: Ai Kayano), Fireworks Natsubayashi (CV: Ryoko Maekawa), Yuzuru Izumi (CV) : Nene Hieda) sings the character song “Colorful End Epilogue” and a special edition of the TV anime video[TV anime “Weak Chara Tomozaki-kun” serious announcement !! Special PV “CONTINUE?”]Will be released!

Please take a look.

Special comments by the original author Yuki Yaku, Fumiya Tomozaki, Gen Sato, and Aoi Hinami, Hisako Kanemoto are also released!

Comment from Yuki Yaku (original author)

Weak character Tomozaki-kun_0116_Original

See you guys! It’s been a year since the anime broadcast. The production of a new animation is decided!
Will the new work continue? If so, the first season of anime ended there, so next … that? You have a feeling that you can see something scary, right? No, but if I could see the next one … that? You have a feeling that your chest will be tightened, right?
While only the delusion spreads like that, the details are still secret, but please wait with various expectations and delusions. looking forward to.

Comment from Gen Sato (role of Fumiya Tomozaki)

Weak character Tomozaki-kun_0116_cast 1

Forever … I’ve been waiting for you! I’ve been in love forever … I’ve been waiting! I did it, oh!
The production decision is too “only”, oh! !! Come on, everyone! Are you ready to load the save data of the anime weak character Tomozaki-kun? ?? I? Of course I can do it!
Because Tomozaki is very important and I love him very much! I will put all the emotions and emotions I have had in my life so that I can deliver a higher level of Tomozaki-kun to everyone! looking forward to! !!

Comment from Hisako Kanemoto (role of Aoi Nichinan)

Weak character Tomozaki-kun_0116_cast 2

I was very happy to hear that a new anime will be produced and to be able to play Aoi again!
First of all, I would like to read the original so that I can get close to her true intentions deep inside!
The game of life is back in action! looking forward to!

■ Official site:tomozaki-koushiki.com
■ Official Twitter:@tomozakikoshiki

© Yuki Yaku Shogakukan / “Weak Chara Tomozaki-kun” Production Committee

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