“Web Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” will be held on February 7th! Introducing general booths and company booths that were scheduled to be exhibited | Game information site Gamer

Web Wonder Festival Overview

Reminder date: February 7, 2021 (Sun) 10:00~17:00

Venue: Web Wonder Festival special site (https://wonfes.jp/web_wonfes/) And your website / SNS

* The special site will be released on February 5th at 17:00.

Participation fee: Free

Outline of the event: “Web Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” special site was set up on the official website of Wonder Festival to introduce the “general booth” and “corporate booth” that were planned to be exhibited, and it was announced on SNS with exhibiting dealers and cosplayers. We will upload the image of the work and reproduce the excitement of the venue on the day of the event that was supposed to be held.

Planning purpose

We believe that “The World’s Largest Modeling Event Wonder Festival” is a place for many people who love models to make presentations and interact with each other.

As a position to host such a place, I am very sad that I had to cancel the holding of “Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” in response to the state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I feel regretful and sorry.

In such a situation, we will provide everyone with a place for interaction and presentation as much as possible, and aim to reproduce the excitement of the venue on the day of WF, which was supposed to be held.

Event content

1, general dealer booth

Introducing the mail-order sites you have at the “general dealer booth” on the special site. You can also purchase the original work.

* Products that require copyright application on the day at WF will not be sold in WF2021[Winter]with or without permission.

2, company booth

The banners of the sales and announcement sites of each company that was scheduled to exhibit will be gathered together, and you can purchase limited products that are scheduled to be sold on the day of each manufacturer. You can also check the latest information such as new work information here.

3, Official goods sale

The WF2021[Winter]official guidebook and official goods that were scheduled to be sold will be on sale for a limited time. You can purchase it as a memorial to the phantom Wonder Festival.

4, cosplay

“Air Cosplay ver.0.5 in Web Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” will be held in “Web Wonder Festival 2021[Winter]” with the cooperation of the Air Cosplay Production Committee.

During this event, by posting photos on Twitter with the two hashtags “#Web WF” and “#Aircos”, they will be automatically collected on the AirCosplay official website, and will be automatically collected on the “AirCosplay” official account and Web media. It will be picked up by “Anime! Anime!”

For details, see the official website of “Air Cosplay” (https://aircos.jp/) Please check.

5, work announcement using SNS

Images and information of their own works that the exhibiting dealers were planning to exhibit, and cosplay images by cosplayers will be posted on Twitter / Instagram with the hashtags “#WebWF” and “#WebWF” on SNS. On the day, you can enjoy the masterpieces that should have been seen at the venue on SNS.

* Posting of copyrighted works on the day is limited to works for which this application was approved in WF2021[Winter]and cannot be posted for this project.

The content you send will be taken up in the WF Executive Committee account (@WFnakanohito).


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