Welcome back Gundam: double event dedicated to the anime

Great appointment on February 9, 2021 for cartoon fans, especially for those who on this same day, but forty-one years ago, were in front of the TV to see for the first time in our country one of the most famous anime of all time: Mobile SuiteGundam !

The first historical anime series born from the mind of Yoshiyuki Tomino, and which had two voiceovers from us and therefore two Italian protagonists, ie first Saverio Garbarino and then Davide Perino, therefore debuted for the first time on 9 February 1980. A celebrated success continuously in the various comic fairs and beyond, so on February 9 of this month, starting at 21, on SuperSix channel, visible in streaming here (or in one of your channels in your region, click on the map to find out!) two historical events dedicated to Mobile Suit Gundam and beyond will be broadcast, along with new content for the occasion.

“Nobody can do it against Gundam” – the true story of the Italian theme song is the first to be presented.
The iconic phrase of the historic Robottone initials, written together with the rest of the text by Andrea Lo Vecchio, is told in this documentary not only by the latter, but also by his composer, Said Mariano, and of course by the one who uttered the words of this unforgettable localized version of the Anime (since Amuro Ray at the time it was Peter Rei), that is Mario Balducci.
Present naturally Mirko Fabbreschi and his Photonic Rays (for years not only great authors and interpreters of TV themes, but also true promoters of quality dubbing at events such as the Romics), Patrizia Tapparelli (Pandemonium), DJ Bone (Rai Radio2 / DJ Osso Radio) e Andrea Agresti of the Hyenas.

Right after him, here “Happy Birthday Mazinger Z”, a much more recent recording than the documentary, given that it is a concert recorded on August 30, 2020 on the stage of the Titano Theater in San Marino.
An event dedicated not only to the 40 years of Mazinger Z in Italy, and to the best of Japanese robots from 1970 to today, but above all to the memory of Detto Mariano.
The composer and musical arranger not only of Gundam, but also of Mazinger, Temple and Tam Tam, Judo Boy, Astroganga, Little Lulu, I bon bon di Lilly, Maya’s great dream, Rascal – My little bear friend, The adventures of sweet Katy and The strange world of MinĂ¹, unfortunately passed away on 25 March 2020 at the age of 82, due to Covid-19.
A memory attended by not only some names of the previous event (i.e. Andrea Lo Vecchio, I Raggi Fotonici and Patrizia Tapparelli) but also Galaxy Group (Mazinga Z, Astroganga), the well-known lyricist and Andrea Lo Vecchio (Gundam, Bia) , Douglas Meakin leader of the Superobots and Rocking Horse (Il Grande Mazinga, Trider G7, Candy Candy), Roberta Petteruti vocalist, among others, of the Superobots (Gordian, Daltanious), Mauro Goldsand dei Monsiciattoli (Carletto the prince of monsters).
A concert that had an exceptional presenter, one of the most animated voice actors of all time, namely Pietro Ubaldi, whose career and his characters are impossible to summarize in a few lines.

For those who will not be able to see, or want to see again, this unique show, we remind you that it has already been published on DVD, the proceeds of which are totally donated to charity, through the Secretariat of State of San Marino, in support of San Marino campaigns for disabilities.
Appointment on February 9, 2021 on Supersix, and remember … nobody can do it against Gundam!

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