What about Asuka at the end of the anime?

Neon Genesis Evangelion stole everyone’s heart when it was released, and it is that many of us who love it today, we had the age of the protagonists or a small difference in ages with them.

The point is that it is one of those few times that we could see protagonists and characters of our age with real existential problems while fighting with giant robots to try to stop the Apocalypse. Yes, it was quite an experience.

One of the most popular characters in this series is undoubtedly Asuka, a girl of German origin who turns out to be the best EVA pilot there is and therefore an important member of NERV.

But when it comes to the end of the movie we can see one of the most intense scenes of all, when she is basically eaten by different EVA of manufacture, that is, EVA that turned into angels.

In this brutal scene, we can see that her arm is smashed and her eye is pierced by the spears that are thrown at the EVA, which reflects all the damage in her thanks to the high levels of synchronization.

It is after that that basically dies.

But since the entertainment world can’t stay like this, Shinji has the opportunity to change the world in any way he sees fit, that’s what the series finale is all about. And instead of wishing for a world without angels or threats against humanity, Shinji decides that he wants everything to return to normal.

But there is an important change when reality returns to “normal” and that is that Asuka is no longer the same, because while in the original series (or original universe) her name was AsuKa Langley Soryu, in Rebuild of Evangelion (the new universe) her name is Asuka Shikinami Langley and she is much more open with her feelings towards others than the first Asuka, in addition to having more human relationships with everyone around her, including Shinji …

That means that although they all returned, they are not the same. Actually the original Asuka died and this is another version of her.

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