What anime have you seen lately?

The introduction is always the hardest part of a piece …

You simply haven’t watched anime series for years, especially in streaming.

Beginning to take pleasure in looking at them, you have produced a list of the best that have come under your nose.

PS: they will not be new series, some will be years old.
That said, it could also become a column if you give your favorable opinions in the comments box.

Enjoy the reading!

Sailor Moon Crystal Eternal – Il Film

Let’s start with the highlight of the list, this long-awaited two-part film (4 years) by fans of the brand.

The story faithfully traces the one traced in the manga by the author Naoko Takeuchi, and in the first part it feels strongly that it would have been better suited to an episodic series.

You have found the technical quality to be excellent, and the non-invasive computer graphics, although lately it is a rare thing in Japanese animation. Bright and bright colors, fascinating characters and drawn with great detail … if a defect can be found – but we are talking about tastes – it is that annoying white luminescent patina. You can’t stand it, you get a headache!

On the plot: you have never been able to read the entire volumes of Sailor Moon * because you are poor * but you have finally noticed how simple the characterization of the villain is. The fourth season of Sailor Moon of the 90s was harshly criticized, both for the fillers and for the recycling of the animated scenes, but this is because the fourth arc of the manga was very short and unsuitable to draw us an animated series.

Flying over this, there is no match between Nehellenia of the TV series and that of the film. The fans of the manga do not want you, but the events of the queen of the extinguished moon, told at the turn of the series Sailor Moon Super S e Sailor Moon Stars, they were much more interesting.

Here it is bad because it is born bad and that’s it.

Where can I see it?

You can find it on Netflix with the usual monthly subscription

Dragon Quest: Dai No Daibouken

Another remake / remake or -better- continuation of an anime that was truncated in the early 90s in Japan, one of the few battle-shonen able to make shoes Dragon Ball… it is no coincidence that the manufacturer is the same Akira Toriyama!

Actually, the animated series had already started in October last year …

but for various vicissitudes you had not been able to follow it.

Now that finally the block of episodes has passed the truncated part of the old Anime, you have to admit that you have been able to admire it in all its beauty, both technical and narrative. It is a series for the television market of exquisite workmanship (beats Dragon Ball Super to make you understand) a brilliant use of colors and little annoying CGI in the most excited scenes.

The series is in the continuation phase with its 35 episodes, but it is already giving great satisfaction to those who, like you, have always been a fan of the paper work, a work that has never exploded to the levels of Dragon Ball in this country, despite the great commitment infused by Bird Studio in its realization.

Where can I see it?

It is available for Europe on the streaming platform Crunchyroll subtitled in Italian


2016 OAV series taken from the manga del lentissimo Kouta Hirano, author of Hellsing

Since you have not been able to read the entire manga (again because you are poor) you have found innovation and freshness in the characters presented in this series, You refer in particular to the three protagonists, historical characters from the eras of the Japanese civil wars.

You were very impressed by the personalities of Oda Nobunaga (Daimyo who ended the period of the Sengoku wars in Japan in the late 1500s) here represented as a dirty old man, but also proud, cruel and disillusioned.

A true master of war.

Near him Shimazu Toyoisa, a young samurai with whom Nobunaga establishes an almost paternal relationship – but marked by comic curtains bordering on the absurd as only Hirano can do – seeing in him his son Nobutada.

Toyoisa among the protagonists is the one that most pleased you to see, because it is very far from the stereotype of the madman traced by the mangaka for his very popular Alucard. Indeed, apart from the madness that has always remained in his works, you find that the young Samurai is even better studied than the cruel killer of Hellsing, with a human side that makes him more sympathetic and with which it is easy to empathize.

For last, Nasu no Yoichi, historical attendant of the shogun Yoshitsune Minamoto (the one that started the civil wars in japan in 1200), which for now hasn’t hit you very much.

The technical quality of the production studio has grown a lot since the days of Hellsing Ultimate, and you do not notice those gross errors of the previous work.

The only problem is that – at least for now – the anime is interrupted with a hypothetical resumption date in 20XX which does not surprise you given the biblical times of the production of the manga by that wretch of Kouta Hirano.

Where can I see it?

His Netflix e Amazon Prime Video

And we’re done for today too, remember to give us your opinions and suggestions in the comments

Until next time!


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