What are the drawing skills of cartoon character drawing teaching-minor lesson

What are the drawing techniques for cartoon character drawing teaching,To design an anime character, initial hand-painting is the first step, but there are few complete sets of anime character drawing teaching on the Internet. Many people have asked me, how should anime guys draw? In fact, there are quite a lot of methods and techniques involved. Today I will summarize for you, and teach you how to draw anime characters in the form of words.Most people will chooseAnimation trainingOrganization, so today I will show youLookWhat are the drawing skills for cartoon character drawing teaching?

Men and women have different body and face shapes. You must master the physical characteristics to master the drawing skills. This anime character drawing teaching article first explains the difference between male and female drawing. Let’s first learn the head skills in the teaching content of cartoon character drawing, first determine the face shape, in the face of the male character. The position of the eyes is higher, the sharper outline, the thicker neck, the straight line beauty, the high nose and other characteristics.

What are the drawing skills of cartoon character drawing teaching

The bones of men are relatively large, so the bones of the lower jaw can be seen clearly when viewed from the side. When painting after being aware of these aspects, it can make the character more masculine. The difference between males and females, female facial features include lower eyes, rounder contours, thin necks, bow-like eyebrows, and lower noses. Compared with men who use straight lines to outline, women use more curves. When I paint without knowing the difference between men and women, I obviously want to paint a man, but he looks like a woman. So we need to understand the difference between men and women.

Let’s look at the difference of body parts in the teaching of cartoon character drawing. In the case of adult males, the ratio of 7th body or 7.5 head body is usually used. The size of the head is about 1/3 of the shoulder width. Compared with women, the bones and muscles are larger, so the passage is a straight line. Especially the neck and shoulders, the muscles of the chest are some important features that reflect the male characteristics. If you want to reflect the male characteristics more, you can thicken the neck or wrist, or emphasize the chest and abdominal muscles to increase the difference with women.

In addition, the most obvious difference between male and female bones is the waist. The waist position of men is lower than that of women, making the body appear longer. Males have narrower pelvises, prominent muscles, and straight waist curves than females. No matter how slender, it can’t achieve the same characteristics as women.

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What are the drawing skills of cartoon character drawing teaching

The above picture is from the work of Japanese painter 桜ひより

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