What does Baka mean? Here is the meaning of the term viral on TikTok!

A new word is conquering comments on TikTok, we are talking about the term: Baka. The word comes from Japan and many users are wondering what its true meaning is. Like all trends born online, people often use a term without knowing its true meaning or the context in which it should be used. The term “Baka“Is in fact an insult to all intents and purposes. The word means stupid, idiot or foolish. So using it indiscriminately is certainly not a nice thing.

In Japanese Baka is written “fool“. The first ideogram means horse while the second deer. There seems to be several explanations for the origin of the term. The word could be a modification of a Chinese saying “Refer to the deer as the horse“Which literally means:”Point to a deer and call it a horse“. A baka would therefore be a person who deliberately misrepresents something because he has ulterior motives. Since this theory is taken from a tale by Zhao Gao who to test his troops presented a deer and called it a horse. All the soldiers who ran the politician were secretly executed. On the web a “baka”Could be a user who uses out-of-context arguments just to create controversy.

Right now the hashtag baka has more than two billion videos and most of them are about anime. In fact, this term is mostly used by anime and manga fans as they are the ones who are most in contact with Japanese culture. Among the various videos of the hashtag we also find a user by name masebation which explains to its users how to pronounce the word correctly.

We can therefore conclude that using the term baka inappropriately could annoy the person to whom it is addressed. In fact, the term is also used by many in a joking way but also in this case we must always consider the person in front of you.


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