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June 14, 2021 at 6:30 a.m.

You are shown a “key visual” from an anime and you don’t know what that should be? We’ll tell you what’s behind the term and how you use it.

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That means key visual: key image for advertising a product

The term “key visual”, also spelled “key visual”, is taken from English and can be roughly translated as “key image”. In the technical language of advertising, the term describes the picture element of an advertisement, which is intended to ensure the recognition value of the product.

The “key visual” should ideally be linked to a certain vibe that makes the product unforgettable. This is not to be equated with a brand’s logo. In fact, the “key visual” is usually better known than the logo.


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Key Visuals bei Animes

The term “key visuals” is also used in connection with anime. Here it describes high-quality and expensive character images that are used both for advertising purposes and for the identification of an anime.

Also known as “Key Art”, these drawings offer a first glimpse into the style, theme and mood of an anime. From the poses to the facial expressions, the “key visuals” should give a good impression of the nature of the anime. Since they are often the only professionally crafted feats about an anime, a great deal of time and detail is devoted to them.

A lot of effort and expense is invested here. For this reason the “key visuals” are seldom renewed. Sometimes new ones come out for films, remakes or special DVD boxes, but in most cases the first “key visuals” are intended for the entire duration of an anime.

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