What I Do for Love – Anime Styled 3D Animation 2012

CREDIT: I, Daniel Elak, have directed, edited, modeled, modified, animated, recorded, acted and mixed this piece. However, not all music is for me. Full music credits at the end of the film. The 3D model in this movie is a mix of my work and the contents of free source models found online. For each free model, I either modify it heavily or completely change the materials on it. Arielle Schlickman played the role of Kate. James Miller played the role of Felix and the Grim Reaper. COMMENT: This is my former thesis film at CU Boulder. I took the knowledge of my latest animation and expanded on it. In addition, this film uses all the film techniques I have polished throughout college. It was hosted in Maya 2010, composed in After Effects, edited in Final Cut, and recorded / mixed in Soundtrack Pro. The film features Alex, a young man who returns after an orientation to his new job. He returns home to find that his fiancée, Kate, is possessed by a seductive spirit. Alex and his best friend, Felix, go to hell to free him. Please enjoy!

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