What if animation Djjanggu is realized in human form through AI technology?

↑ Changu / Photo = Osushi YouTube capture

A photo of a character from the popular animation ‘Can’t Stop Crayon’ with artificial intelligence (AI) restored to a real person is becoming a hot topic. With the advancement of technology, animation characters in a two-dimensional space are realized in the form of real people.

Yesterday (the 4th), Japanese YouTuber Osushi released the characters of ‘Can’t Stop Crayon’, which was recently made into a live-action video with an AI program, on his YouTube channel.

We posted a 4 minute and 53 second video that embodies almost all of the characters of Chan Goo, including the main character, Chan Goo, as well as her mother, father, younger sister, Jjangah, pet albino, kindergarten teacher, and her unrequited sister.

Although it looks like a normal human face, it seems to reflect the characteristics of the characters in the animation.

The AI ​​program used in this photo production is Artbreeder, a deep learning technology that learns various data by itself, and can create images such as faces and landscapes with this technology.

Recently overseas, there are also cases of realizing famous statues and paintings as art breeders.

In addition, with the advancement of AI’s visual restoration technology, moving images beyond photos are being produced.

There is also a case in Korea where Mnet’s AI music project ‘Once Again’ restored the voice and appearance of the late Turtleman with AI voice restoration technology and face editing technology to decorate the stage with the Turtle members.

Yuri / Photo = Osushi YouTube capture
↑ Yuri / Photo = Osushi YouTube capture

Hoonie / Photo = Osushi YouTube capture
↑ Hoonie / Photo = Osushi YouTube capture


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