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We already started the month of February and during this month we will probably see many special illutations with anime characters dressed in a stone age outfit with tiger stripe pattern and others eating a big sushi roll, but this has nothing to do with make more erotic characters, but rather a custom that celebrates only Japanese culture and is known as Setsubun, which involves throwing soybeans at the ogres that invade your home and Ehomaki, the “sushi roll of luck direction”.

Setsubun and where the ogre-style characters dress as Lum

For this we remember the first anime girl to wear a dress with a tiger stripe pattern, this being Lum, from the iconic anime series called Urusei Yatsura from the author Rumiko Takahashi. Lum is an alien ogre (ōni in Japanese, pronounced with a long vowel ‘o’) from the planet Oni, who challenges the character Ataru to beat him in a game of catching (in Japanese, onigokko or “ogre chasing game”), this in such a way that, to save the earth from an invasion, Ataru must touch the horns on Lum’s head, but eventually ends up stealing her bra, resulting in the first topless scene in the anime.

This is why when other characters wear clothing with a tiger stripe pattern, we naturally think that they are cosplaying from Lum, but in reality, Lum is cosplaying traditional japanese ogres that are associated with a traditional day called Setsubun.

Setsubun It is the traditional point where winter ends and spring begins, making it exactly like the Groundhog Day, and these days it has become a fun tradition for parents of donning an ogre mask and “attacking” the children of the family as they throw it with soy, shouting “Out with the ogres! With happiness!”

The tradition of Setsubun is usually celebrated on February 3rd, but this year will fall this February 2ndThis is due to an adjustment that is made every 124 years.

Eat Ehomaki, the Sushi Roll of luck!

Another of the unique traditions of Japan is he Ehomaki, and if by chance you have seen in an anime series girls eating sushi roll suggestively, then you have just come across the tradition of Ehomaki.

Is tradition works by taking a long sushi roll, and pointing in the direction of “fortune”, which for this 2021 is from the south to the southwest, then you take the sushi roll and eat it without stopping. Doing this it is said that we will have good luck for the new year.

It should be noted that the Ehomaki It is a tradition from the Kansai (Osaka / Kyoto) region that was never widely practiced in the Kanto (Tokyo / Yokohama) area. Like many aspects of our modern world, sand spread to Tokyo through good old capitalismas supermarkets and convenience stores were looking for an excuse for customers to buy rolled sushi.

Finally, the image of eating a long, cylindrical shape was too tempting for hentai artists in japan, so they ended up adopting the “tradition”, thus emerging a topic in Pixiv, where it only showed the Anime girls eating their rolled sushi ehomaki in suggestive ways. The topic was helped by franchises like Seitokai Yakuindomo Y Senran Kagura, which contributed to the popularity of this suggestive style of eating sushi.

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