What is the power that Boruto has in his eye?

Although he is the son of one of the greatest anime heroes, Boruto is writing his own story in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime and manga. In recent times, we saw the son of the Seventh Hokage get into a conflict after defeating Momoshiki, which caused him to receive the Seal of Karma, a special technique of the Otsutsuki Clan that allows its members to revive in the body they have chosen as vessel.

But this is not the only great power that Boruto Uzumaki has manifested. In one of the episodes it seems that the young ninja managed to manifest in him the Byakugan of his mother, Hinata Hyuga, in his right eye, but this was not the case. Some time later he manages to realize that it is actually a Dojutsu that bears the name of Jougan / Johan. But what is this power and what is its nature? We will explain it to you below.

The word ‘jogan’ means ‘pure eye’ and is activated when Boruto was in the presence of a hidden danger. It is represented by a very clear and bright blue pupil, a sky blue iris, and the sclera turns dark gray. It first appeared in Boruto’s eye, when he entered the Academy, and had never been seen before in the anime until that time. It was activated when the blonde saw a strange chakra that came from Denki Kaminarimon.

The Jogan senses the flow of the chakra, so its user can observe the changes of this element in the body of his rivals and can also track it himself. This allows you to observe the Chakra Circulation System and show a key point in it and even see the barriers that connect the worlds or space / time. But this is not all, you can also observe distortions in space caused by space / time techniques.

Its origins are still not entirely clear, but it was believed to be related to the Karma that Boruto himself possesses and is related to the Otsutsuki Clan, which was confirmed by a franchise animator named Chengxi Huang.

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