What is the relationship between Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse?

Unlike his brother Cole, who just introduced his new girlfriend after his affair with Lili Reinhart, Husband Dylan has a serious romantic relationship with Barbara Palvin. They are one of the most loved couples by fans today, not just because of the followers they’ve built up since becoming famous, also because of the way of being and in which they carry the link.

On June 17, they completed three years of dating, a story that began in a very special way. According to the actor’s comments, she didn’t talk to him for six months, but for the reason that he didn’t want a partner: “I knew I was not in good mental condition at the time. “The model assured in a 2019 interview with W Magazine.

Husband was in China for work when he received the message from the young woman and Barbara went there just to see it. It was clear that there had been a previous connection, but it increased when they met: “With Dylan, everything seemed so easy. We had the same interests and the jokes were in the right place, and I didn’t think it was gross or anything. “, he had then expressed.

One characteristic that unites them is that both are fans of manga, anime and cosplay: “We love to watch cartoons and relax at home and eat ice cream together. This is our thing. “Explain Dylan. It wasn’t just in words, since for they showed their otaku side more than once at different costume parties: once she was like Gaara from Naruto and he was okay as Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z.

In a second celebration, the two could be seen as characters from Princess mononoke, one of Studio Ghibli’s most iconic films: Barbara was San and Dylan chose to be Ashitaka. Although he’s not often shown on his official Instagram profile, she does and every now and then she shares a photo of them together, as well as important news in their stories, like the recent announcement that Sprouse will be in the comedy My fake boyfriend.

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