Which anime can be seen in Malcolm Mittendrin Opening?

The US comedy series Malcolm Mittendrin had quite a few fans in this country in the early to mid-2000s and also in later reruns. At first glance, this chaotic / charming family series has nothing to do with anime, but fans of Japanese drawing often wondered something about the American sitcom. What kind of anime is that in the opening? We now answer this in this text.

During the chorus “You’re not the boss of me now, You’re not the boss of me now, You’re not the boss of me now, and you’re not so big” from the band’s song Boss of Me They Might Be Giants can be seen in addition to “typical” excerpts from family life around Malcolm and Co, various scenes from other films / series. Including the classic Battle of the Titans (the Kraken) or an excerpt with the brain monster from The Eyes of Satan and two short anime scenes.

In the first one we see a young man grinning in the pouring rain, this is Shinri Shiogami from the anime Nazca. The second anime excerpt is also from the Nazca series. The skateboarder is part of a small group of crooks who attack the secondary characters Hiroshi Daimon and Rena Asakawa in the third episode. Scene 1 is also from the episode.

The follow-up question is, of course, is there Nazca to be seen here too? Unfortunately, the 12-part anime from 1998 was never licensed in Germany and therefore has no official German translation. We found DVDs for the series in the USA and Italy, but they are already sold out. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a version for your collection.

Content of Nazca:
500 years ago there was a civil war in the Inca Empire. The weaker side decides to conjure up a mystical force that could destroy the whole earth.

In the present in Japan: Miura Kyoji discovers he is a reborn soul of an ancient Inca warrior. But Kyoji is not alone. His friend and master, Tate, is also one of those Incas born again.

But Tate feels called to higher goals. He tries to conjure up the ancient power that could not be conjured up 500 years ago. Now Kyoji has to travel around the world with Tate’s fiancée in order to destroy his evil machinations. Here he gets to know more and more about his past and in the end fights a bitter fight against his best friends to save his and everyone’s future.
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