which character are you from the anime “Soul Eater”?

Look inside yourself, experiencing the limits of your madness.

Would you like to one day get into the Armory Institute and learn how to destroy evil spirits? We are sure you have such a thought. Fight side by side with your ideal partner, feel your power and strength. In addition, there is a high probability of starting to serve the Death Scythe as a reward for diligent study.

Pat and Liz are capable of transforming into pistols, which even sounds intimidating. Death the Younger is the son of God, and Maka is very diligent in her combat craft. And you definitely have your own style of fighting evil. And you are a technician or the weapon itself, it is still planned to learn. The path of a warrior is full of difficulties, you have to calculate the level of readiness to fight the enemy. If you intend to go ahead and not complicate your life or are convinced that insanity lives in everyone, fate brought you here for a reason.

Immerse yourself in an anime adventure by choosing your perfect combat weapon and an enemy to compete with just for fun (or to prove how cool). Ahead of you is a meeting with your favorite characters, pleasant memories and fascinating introspection.

This test is similar to the training program at the Lost City Institute. Only as a reward will you receive knowledge – the knowledge of which of the main characters of the anime would be if you were there for real.

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