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Which school has better animation training?We know that in 2019, there was a very popular “Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes to the World”. This animation can be said to detonate the high popularity of animation in China, which also indicates that Guoman has entered a new era.So manyAnimation trainingInstitutions are also beginning to appear in the streets and alleys, so which school is better for animation training?

Which school has better animation training? When we were looking for animation training classes, people often asked this question. In fact, it is normal for people who want to enter the animation industry.

Because now the animation industry, when the country proposed to revitalize domestic animation a few years ago, many animation training schools or institutions also emerged at the same time. Now there are many training schools for comics training on the market, and there are many kinds of schools. The reason is that the development prospects of the current animation industry are relatively good.

Which school has better animation training?

Therefore, the number of people who want to learn manga and animation design is increasing. It is not just people with zero foundation who want to learn, they are now engaged in other industries, but people who want to change careers, or who want to develop side jobs, have also begun to come into contact with manga and animation design.

Many students who participated in the animation training school felt that they had not learned anything in the end. Why? Because of my lack of initiative, the learning atmosphere of the training school is too relaxed, and the students themselves do not feel the “oppression”, so naturally they will not be strict with themselves. It is very difficult to learn animation with zero foundation.

If you really want to do anime, you must be mentally prepared to “draw yourself to death”. The special animation training class for minor lessons, the domestic professional online animation education platform, is also called the most rigorous animation training class by the students. If you don’t log in to the learning page for five days, you will receive a life-threatening text message. Call deadly! Specializing in the treatment of lazy cancer patients.

I would like to recommend a minor class to everyone. Why do we recommend a minor class? Because the learning cycle of minor lessons is long enough, the courses are systematic enough, and the teaching is transparent, in the eyes of the editor, the cost-effective painting training online school is very good.

Today we especially recommend a special training class for the devil with a minor lesson. The drawing courses currently offered by the special training class for the minor lesson cover: Japanese thick painting, animation illustration, original character game painting, antique illustration, comic creation, animation human body, Japanese commercial characters seven Great Devil Special Training Course. Adopt a customs clearance promotion mode, aiming at 0 basics, from perspective, sketching, human body, color, avatar, background, composition, presentation, creation, step-by-step promotion and climbing learning mode, step by step, to meet the painting learning needs of student parties and working people.

It can be seen that it is indeed a good choice if you want to learn a minor lesson in painting. Interested friends can also go to their official website to obtain more information and content related to learning through online consultation!

If you want to quickly improve your drawing level, and are absolutely not afraid of hard work, welcome to take the light lesson devil special training class and experience the entrance of the devil-style painting training camp:https://www.qingwk.com/school/

If you want to learn morePainting tutorialAnd if the painter takes orders and job hunting experience, you can also download the “Minor Lesson APP”, which contains a large number of drawing learning resources, tutorials, materials and teacher experience sharing, etc., learning to take orders is more convenient!

Which school has better animation training?

This is a work by Asagi Tohsaka, a Japanese painter.

So which school is better for animation training today? The sharing is over! To learn painting, you must see more, practice more, and think more. I hope everyone can become a great god soon. Here we also recommend some video tutorials for minor lessons:Anime girl basic line draft teaching anime illustration line draft basic design, Come and take a look!

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