White Night Aurora Chain Technology Effect List-Fun Tour

The White Night Aurora Chain Skill is unlocked by reaching a certain number of chaining numbers, and different characters have different chain effects. Here is an introduction to the effects of the White Night Aurora Chain Technique for everyone, let’s take a look.

What is the use of the white night aurora chain technology

Chain skills are skills that are triggered when a certain number of chains (the number of connected grids) are reached. The effects of chain skills vary from character to character, such as attack and HP recovery.

1. The effect changes according to the number of chains

According to the type of chain technique, the effect corresponding to the chain number will change. For example, VICE’s chain technology, the number of targets changes as the number of chains increases.

2. Increase multiples by increasing the number of chains

As the chain number increases, the damage when attacking also increases. It will also trigger more powerful chain spells, so connect as many grids as possible.

3. No matter what attribute the captain is, it will trigger

The character set as the captain can trigger chain skills even if the attributes are different from the grid.

Therefore, if you choose a character with powerful chain skills as the captain, you will be able to fight smoothly.

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