Who is Memo Aponte and why is it a trend in social networks?


Memo Aponte is a Mexican voice actor who has given his voice to different Disney characters. However, in social networks it has been pointed out for gender violence and harassment. Discover more facts and controversies of this content creator.

Memo Aponte is the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo.  (Photo: Instagram: @memoapont)


Memo Aponte is the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo. (Photo: Instagram: @memoapont)

Memo Aponte has stood out as one of the young Mexican voice actors who has participated in films of Disney and Pixar. But it seems that in social media his fame has been given by various accusations, ranging from racism to sexual harassment.

Following the arrest of the content creator YosStop, the YouTube community Mexico became the eye of the hurricane and complaints against others began to be remembered on Twitter influencers What Memo Aponte, Yayo Gutierrez Y Ricardo Ponce.

This time Memo Aponte It is a trend again, so that you know more about this vlogger, his work, accusations and controversies in which it has been involved, we have put together for you a list of 12 facts to know it.

12 facts to know Memo Aponte

1. His full name is Guillermo Aponte Mille, known as Memo Aponte Jr.. He was born in Mexico City on February 3, 1992 and is a voice actor, theater, announcer, Youtuber, presenter and interviewer.

2. Her fame came at age eleven when she became the voice of Nemo onFinding Nemo‘.

3. He has been the voice of more than 200 characters, including Andy on Toy Story 3‘, Phineas Flynn en ‘Phineas y Ferb’, Simba on ‘The Lion King III‘, Drum on Bambi II ‘, Dash Parr on ‘The Incredibles’, Hiro Hamada in the movie and animated series ‘Great heroes’. He was also the recurring voice of actor Cole Sprouse from 2005 to 2012 and that of Ezra Bridger, the protagonist of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’.

4. He was the host of the program Disney Club of TV Azteca, from 2014 until it went off the air in 2016.

5. In 2019 Memo Aponte was accused in social networks of harassment against some of his underage followers. On Twitter, the girls accused that the voice actor contacted them through Instagram and then continued talking through Telegram, where I asked for photos (nudes).

6. Memo Aponte has shown his interest in the cosplay in his videos of Youtube under the name of “A day like the characters of …”, where you use the premiere of a movie, your birthday, dates like Halloween or famous series like The Simpson to dress up as their characters.

7. In November 2020, he made one of the most criticized video on the web, it is about the clip “A day like the characters of SpongeBob SquarePants”, but the result was socreepy and terrifying “, that the same actor recognized it.

8. In early 2021, the Ibeoamerican University decided to expel a bachelor’s student for gender assault, although the institution did not reveal the name, the portal Political Animal confirmed that it was Memo Aponte.

9. In March 2021, Memo Aponte shared with his followers that he just broke up with his girlfriend, Monica Rosales, with whom she had a two-year relationship. With the message:

“After a relationship of more than two years, Memoni will give herself a space to focus on our personal goals and projects. Love for us means “encouragement to development” and we believe that our personal growth comes before anything else. We love each other very much and we want to continue strengthening our relationship from individuality. Memoni will continue to have a good friendship and will have a beautiful relationship in the future ”.

Memo Aponte with his ex-girlfriend Mónica Rosales. (Photo: Instagram @memoapont)

10. His YouTube channel has more than three million followers and he has participated with other influencers such as Luisito Communicates, Katia Nabil, Pepe and Teo, Sofia Niño de Rivera, WattSopa, Mario Aguilar, Nath Campos and more.

11. In June 2021, Memo Aponte again became a trend, this time for its cosplay of the movie ‘Luca’, which was severely criticized, considering it disturbing.

12. In July he is again appointed in social media, since many users on Twitter have shared the publication of de @don_greenn, with comments highlighting that he is much more creative than Memo Aponte. Although many believed that it was in trend for having been stopped, the story is not like that.


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